Letterpress Pointers for Designers

Have a corporate or personal design you would like letterpressed?


Call or visit the shop to discuss your custom printing needs and arrange a quote for your project. Keep in mind that letterpress designing requires a little thinking outside of the box.


Here are some guidelines and friendly reminders as you get started:



• Send files at 100% scale and include crop marks. Rather than sending us your exactly trimmed design, please set bleed at 3mm and always export artwork with crop marks.

• We prefer EPS (vector) or press-quality PDF file formats.

• When sending EPS files, you must outline your fonts. Before submitting, please outline selected fonts rather than sending fonts packaged. This way, we ensure your lettering prints exactly as you designed it. (You can do this in Adobe Illustrator by selecting the type and clicking Type > Create Outlines, which will convert the text into vector shapes.)



• Use type 6 point or larger. Our letterpress handles most fonts masterfully, but type smaller than 6 point will be blurred.

• Minimum stroke weight is 0.3 point. This is a vital requirement to produce the cleanest final product.

• Vector images preferred.

• Select # of inks according to your budget. At Little Peach, we traditionally use 1-2 spot colours, but would love to create a more dynamic print with additional inks. Just keep in mind that the print cost will increase with each additional colour.

• Letterpress is best at printing 100% colour, so avoid using screens. To add lighter tints, simply use a lighter ink colour.

• For reverse type, use type 12 point or larger. Be aware that reverses will be finicky and blurred with small point type.

• Prepare for a textured look when using large blocks of colour. Areas wider than 12mm will look different on letterpress than they do on your screen. The paper will blend through and the result is textured and varied. It’s a gorgeous look, and we’d love to show you examples so you know what the end product will look like.



• Consider die cut patterns. We’d love to discuss our capabilities for interesting cuts and shapes.

• Consider letterpress envelopes. We can print on both the flap and front of all sized envelopes.

• Consider paper choice. This is one of our favourite parts of the letterpress process! We have a variety of preferred paper stocks from 100% cotton to Enviro Board, but are also more than happy to discuss any paper suggestions you may have for your specific job.